As a fiduciary, our process starts and ends with your best interests at the core of what we do.

Our approach to compensation is simple; transparency at all times. We know all too well that when it comes to transparency, the financial services industry doesn’t always bode well. That’s why we want you to know exactly how financial advisors are compensated and what it means to be working with an advisory firm like Vision Financial Planning.

Compensation Structures


Advisors earn their income by selling financial products such as insurance or mutual funds, or may also earn a fee for trades that they execute. In some cases, advisors are motivated to sell products and services that benefit themselves, not you.


Advisors earn their income using a combination of fees and commissions. Working with an advisor in a fee-based relationship makes sense for a large group of clients who work with financial advisors. What’s most important is that you know how your advisor earns their commissions before you begin working with them. We always disclose exactly what the cost is for all of our investment vehicles.


Earn income by charging fees. Some common methods include an hourly rate, an annual or retainer fee, or a percentage of investments under management. Advisors who work solely for service fees are incentivized only by the needs of their clientele, like you.


Below is a schedule of our fees and services


Ideal For: Individuals looking to organize their financials and plan for the future- “Accumulator”

Meetings: Annual

✓ Set Financial Goals
✓ Portfolio/Risk Assessment
✓ Retirement Account Check-up
✓ Debt Management Review
✓ Net Worth Summary
✓ Evaluate Employee Benefits
✓ Online Financial Portal
✓ Fiduciary & Accoutablility Partner


Initial Plan/Setup: $1,200
Ongoing Planning: $149/month or >$250k AUM*


Ideal For: Individuals or Families looking to set and monitor financial goals- “Pre-Retirees”

Meetings: Semi-Annual

Starter PLUS:

✓ Portfolio/Risk Analysis
✓ Tax Planning Strategies
✓ Debt Management Strategies
✓ Roth Conversion Review
✓ Education/College Funding
✓ Insurance Planning
✓ Basic Estate Planning

Initial Plan/Setup: $2,500
Ongoing Planning: $249/month or >$500k AUM*


Ideal For: Individuals or families entering or in retirement or business owners with complex financial needs – “Retirement & Legacy”

Meetings: Quaterly

Essential PLUS:

✓ Retirement Income Planning
✓ Wealth Transfer Planning
✓ Charitable Giving Strategies
✓ Stock Options Analysis
✓ Business Planning
✓ Advanced Estate Planning
✓ Collab. With Third Party Professionals (Attorney, CPA,etc.)

Initial Plan/Setup: $4,500+
Ongoing Planning: $499/month or >$1M AUM*

*Ongoing Financial Planning Costs may be discounted or waived with AUM Commitment

Hourly Planning & Consulting

I offer ala carte planning services starting at $300/hour depending on your situation and needs. Hours will be estimated and proposed on a project-by-project basis, prior to the start of any work.

Asset Management Services

A table of asset management services

Download our fees and services schedule 

Expect us to discuss all compensation structures and develop a plan that makes the most sense for you. As your fiduciary, our sole focus is on your financial well-being. Regardless of the standards professionals in this industry are expected to uphold, it’s our primary goal to act in the best interests of our clients and be of service to them through all of life’s phases.