We are focused on those who are Retirement Ready

(Or those who are close to achieving Retirement Readiness)


We define Retirement Readiness as:

1. Looking to retire in the next 10 years, or sooner.

2. Have over $500k in retirement savings.

3. Prioritize sound advice, solid planning, and working with a financial partner.


Our Clients Come to us for One of Two Reasons:


  Considering Retirement


These clients tend to be in their mid-50s or early 60s and have a date in mind for retirement.

They have questions, like:


  • How can I reduce my taxes in retirement?

  • Do I have enough to live comfortably and do the things I’ve always wanted to do?

  • How do I leave a legacy for my family?


More important than the answers to their questions, these clients want comprehensive retirement planning from a financial partner – not just a planner.

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Considering Retirement: 

These clients are typically 50+ and want to focus on their finances as they prepare to enter the next season of life…the “golden years.” They aren’t exactly sure when they want to retire, but most likely within the next 5-10 years.

They have questions, like:


  • What is a realistic retirement date, given my current circumstances?

  • How can we maximize my retirement income, while reducing taxes?

  • Help me understand proper insurance, and what benefits I might qualify for?


These clients are typically tired of being sold to, and want to be heard and helped on their journey to retirement.

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