We Help Retired Families Stay Confident During Their Golden Years

We have a clearly-defined, thorough, and tested retirement planning process for retirees like you.

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Step 1: Assess Your Current "Retirement Readiness"

This meeting will either be held at our offices or online and will be a chance for us to:

  • Get to know each other and see if working together will be the right fit

  • Identify your goals, understand obstacles, and see where we can add value to your plan

  • If we feel it's the right fit and you want to proceed, we can discuss next steps & fees for our services


Step 2: Initial Retirement Planning

For retirees, this step looks a little different. We'll be focused on analyzing your current retirement situation. We want to build a withdrawal strategy to give you the confidence to spend your money in retirement without fear of running out.

The ultimate goal at this stage is to enable us to finalize and integrate realistic goals and objectives and to display them in a format you understand.


Step 3: Ongoing Retirement Planning

We build confidence in your future by ensuring your objectives and goals continue to remain current, and regularly review your progress towards achieving them.

Sticking to the plan is often the hardest part of financial planning, so we help break it down and keep you accountable throughout your retirement.


We Answer Post-Retirement Questions Like:

  • In a financial advisor's professional opinion, how is my current retirement situation?

  • How can we best reduce our taxes / maximize our monthly income?

  • Can you help increase our legacy to one day give to family & organizations we support?

  • Help us figure out our healthcare, insurance, and long-term care plan.

  • Am I missing anything in my thought process?



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